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Who we are?

Dear business friends, welcome to the website of the MALAPA company. The company has been involved in development, manufacturing and sales of electronic equipment since 1999. MALAPA was established and financed from its own capital resources and has continued to carry on its business activities without the need to use bank-provided funds ever since.

We feel it is due to our flexible and dynamic approach that we have grown to take up a position of an important supplier of equipment for home and industrial applications.

Our quality products are used in installations, in which extended working life and functional reliability are highly demanded. The product portfolio is upgraded and tailored to the customers´ needs and market trends.

MALAPA products are developed and manufactured at its own site. The philosophy of our company is to sell high quality and fault-free equipment at unrivalled prices.

The company business focuses mainly on the following areas:

  • voltage control / rpm control,
  • asymmetrical timers (interval relays) suitable for regular engagement of appliances,
  • temperature controllers (thermostats),
  • hygrostats,
  • equipment for sterilization and disinfection of tools,
  • ionizers / generators of negative ions,
  • intelligent battery chargers ... and many others.

Malapa product selection catalog 2016/2017 Malapa product selection catalog 2016/2017 (PDF, 3 MB)

We offer assistance

We offer our intense support to prospective buyers interested in long-term business interactions with us (for example access to legends, prints, brochures or promotional articles) and, naturally, appealing quantity discounts.


Do you like our company? Has its performance met with your satisfaction? Mutual placing of an advertising banner or link at business-friendly web sites is appreciated.

Note for determined tradesmen and wholesale customers

If you are interested in our products and would like to explore options of a long-term cooperation, we would be happy to provide further details. In return, we can offer a long-term successful business history and a customer-oriented approach both in the Czech Republic and abroad.